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The CoinDCX Way!

Our Culture is a reflection of our set of beliefs & practices that help reshape the future of the Internet.

Our Employee Values

We, at CoinDCX, with our collective wisdom and unified intent are shaping this reform. The fuel for this journey? Our VALUES!

Aim for 10X
Passion to Build
Think Customer First
Do the Right Thing
Build to Last

Our Ways Of Working

While our values are the ‘blocks’ , the WAYS OF WORKING become the ‘chains’ that hold them together!

Act like an Owner

When we identify problems - we take ownership to solve them and deliver exceptional results.

We Over Me

We think beyond ourselves, we do what is best for the organization.

Trust And Respect

There is no time for politics, we respect each other and let our work speak for itself.

Innovative Mindset

We love to learn, unlearn and solve problems keeping innovation at the core.

Bias For Action

We move fast: impact matters, not just ideas.

Raise The Bar

We raise the bar every day, we set a high standard for talent, quality of work and decision-making.

Our Way of Life - Change Starts Together!

We want to lead change with people at the heart of it. We believe in a decentralized world that belongs to many, not to just a few. A world where everyone has ownership of their own data, where fairness is not a fairy tale, but a reality born out - of the people, by the people and for the people. Through innovation and investment, we are simplifying and accelerating the adoption of Web3, so that more and more people can come together as we believe ‘Change Starts Together’

Our Way of Life - Change Starts Together!

Building CoinDCX Together

With people and personalities filled with charming quirks and liveliness

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Get an inside scoop & find out what it's really like to work at CoinDCX

Great Place To Work (2021 - 2024)

We’re a fintech startup that encourages our employees to express ideas, opinions, take risks and innovate to make a difference. Kudos to the entire team for making this a special workplace of camaraderie, learnings, and happiness!

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Striking a balance between work and Life

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